Com-Con has worked closely with a geotechnical engineering firm over the years establishing a solid working relationship. A professional construction crew might be able to handle most tasks on a project, but if your scope includes a retaining wall you need to contact a professional engineer under the following conditions


Com-Con’s consistent excellence in all of the aspects of the construction of Mechanically Stabilized Earth or Modular Block retaining walls will ensure your project meets or exceeds engineering standards.

Why Hire a Professional Commercial Wall Builder?

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  • Wall Height
  • Any retaining wall that exceeds 1.0 meter in height will require a professional engineer to design and produce stamped drawings. Com-Con works closely with our geotechnical engineering firm, E2K Engineering Ltd. to ensure proper design and stability.
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  • Permit Applications
  • Retaining walls, both commercial and residential, require permits for construction. In our experience, we have found most municipalities are helpful with this process, expediting permits relatively quickly. We do not perform any permit applications however we will assist with any related information required.
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  • Evaluate Materials
  • The materials we use are vetted and trusted by experienced MSE wall panel and modular block manufacturers. The manufacturers must meet rigorous standards for modular block and wall panels.
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  • Project Oversight
  • Our experience offers skillful and qualified oversight of an MSE retaining and modular block wall projects to ensure the wall construction meets or exceeds structural reliability – on time and within budget.
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  • Soil Assessment
  • We conduct and review the soil analysis testing to determine the requirements for earth stabilization. Testing during construction and at the completion of the project ensures the structural integrity of the wall.

What are the Benefits?

  • Strength: Com-Con ensures that the retaining wall is reinforced with the appropriate materials, backfill and geogrid to meet design standards, ensuring its stability.
  • Durability: Our walls hold up to the elements and the freeze and thaw cycle of Alberta. Proper design and engineering reduce the possibility of a wall buckling, leaning, or forming cracks.
  • Drainage: Adequate drainage measures around a retaining wall is one of the most important details of wall construction. It allows soil, sediment and water to move and maintains the wall’s integrity.
  • Up-to-Code: When your wall is professionally constructed, you have the assurance of meeting municipal code requirements and proper documentation is provided for your build.
  • Erosion Protection: The movement and erosion of the soil is considered in the design of a wall and measures are taken during the construction of an MSE or a modular block wall to mitigate erosion.
  • Insurance : Com-Con is fully insured and a Certificate of Insurance and Workers Compensation Board coverage clearance letter are available upon request.